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Your online IFRS 16 compliant

lease accounting application

Providing contract management and answering your IFRS 16 reporting requirements -- all just a click of a button away.
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Key Features

Let us help minimize the adminstrative burden on your company's financial department. The Zuyd Finance Lease Accounting Wizard provides timely and accurate information regarding your lease portfolio in compliance with IFRS 16 standards. Easily manage and process changes within your lease contract portfolio with some of our handy features.

Flexible reporting

Generate IFRS compliant lease accounting journal entries, disclosures, amortization schedules and cash flow schedules at various levels within your organization, for any time period.

Contracts at a glance

Contract management is easy with our dashboard. Get notifications about when your contracts end, should be indexed, and expiry of termination or extension options so you can make timely updates to your lease portfolio.

Process contractual changes

Easily process changes including indexations, contract extensions or early terminations, impairments, or COVID-19 related rent concessions in compliance with IFRS 16 requirements.

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Save valuable time -- perform your complex IFRS 16 calculations with our Lease Accounting Wizard

Intuitively create, update and manage legal entities, cost centers and asset types

Easily process contract indexations, reassessments, impairments, disposals and COVID-10 rent relief

Stay always up-to-date with the latest FX rates with automated FX conversion

Get a comprehensive overview of the financial and operational status of your lease portfolio with the dashboard

Easily follow mutations within a contract with its own separate audit trail

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Our flexible pricing

We know that one size does not fit all.

We offer custom pricing solutions to match the needs of your company based on the amount of lease contracts in your portfolio -- you pay only for what you need. The price is not based on the number of users as we believe that price should not get in the way of collaboration. Everyone within your organisation will be able to benefit from the time savings and access to timely information with our application.

Contact us to request a price quotation tailored to suit the needs of your organization. For the most accurate pricing, please provide specifics of your company size and lease portfolio.

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Why choose our service


Round-the-clock availability and multi-user access guaranteed with our Microsoft Azure-hosted web application.

IFRS compliant

Contract calculations and disclosure reports are fully IFRS compliant and verified by Dutch CPAs.

Customizable reports

Customize the application-generated reports for seamless integration into your existing workflow. For example, customize the format of journal entries so they can be directly uploaded to your ERP system.

Multi-user management

Manage individual user profiles and set read/write access permissions.

Rapid calculations

Fast calculations and report generation with our optimized framework for minimum wait times.

Expert advice

Do you have specific IFRS-related questions? No problem -- our CPAs and qualified financial professionals can guide you with clear and practical advice.

Our customers

Here are just a few of our satisfied customers in the Netherlands and the rest of the world currently using the Lease Accounting Wizard.

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