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  • The Zuyd Finance Lease Accounting wizard is a no-fuss way to manage and stay on top of your lease contracts while ensuring compliance with IFRS reporting requirements.
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Key features

The Lease Accounting Wizard is designed for you to easily manage your lease portfolio and meet your external reporting requirements. Let us help you and your organization's financial professionals save valuable time.


Round-the-clock availability and multi-user access guaranteed with our Microsoft Azure-hosted web application.


Stay on top of your lease contract portfolio with the user dashboard overview.

Contract management

Get notifications about when your contracts end, should be indexed, and expiry of termination or extension options so you can make timely updates to your lease portfolio.


Easily process contract indexations, remeasurements, disposals and impairments.

IFRS compliant

Contract calculations are fully IFRS compliant and verified by Dutch CPAs.

Flexible reporting

Export journal entries, cash flow overviews, and IFRS disclosures at various levels (per entity, cost center etc.), for any time period.

Foreign currency handling

Process contracts in foreign currencies and translate to a requested reporting currency. Users have the option to enable the integrated FX converter which automatically retrieves the latest FX rates.

Audit trail

Easily follow mutations within a contract with its own separate audit trail.

User permissions

Manage the level of user access and authority of individual users. Ensure that team members only have access to the data they need.

Highly customizable

We can customize the reporting to your specific needs for seamless integration into your organization's existing workflow. For example, customize the format of journal entries so they can be directly uploaded to your ERP system.

Why choose our SAAS solution for your lease accounting

Rapid calculations

Fast calculations and report generation with our optimized framework for minimum wait times.


Round-the-clock access to your lease portfolio from anywhere you want. We handle the data storage and back-ups so you can focus on the more important things.

Limited investment

The Lease Accounting Wizard does not require any other IT investments from your side. Easily and efficiently implement our tool for your organization -- only a device with a web browser needed!


We value accessible and personal contact. Our in-house IFRS experts are available to answer all your technical accounting questions.

Flexible reporting

Generate reports at any required level of detail, for single or multiple entities, cost centers, currencies and periods.

No long-term commitments

After the first year you can terminate the SAAS contract with a one month notice period.

Let us demonstrate

Contact us to arrange an in-person demo and a no-obligation consultation for your company.

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Frequently asked questions

How is our data secured?

One of our main priorities is keeping your data safe and secure. We use SSL encryption to keep your data safe in transit and two-factor authentication to block any unauthorized access.

Can I always cancel my subscription?

After the first year of contract you can always cancel your subscription with a notice period of one month.

Do I have to make use of the integrated FX rates?

No, you can also choose to upload your own FX rates within our application.

Can the application deal with both types of IFRS 16 transition options?

Yes, our tool can be used for both types of transition options.

Can all web browsers access the application?

Yes, all mainstream web browsers can be used to access the application. We recommend keeping your brower up-to-date for the best user experience.