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Developed by one of you.

Our lease accounting application has been developed by Frank Remij, a Dutch CPA.

Working as an external advisor for various multinational clients Frank performed numerous IFRS 16 implementations. In addition, from a CPA perspective he was involved in various audits of the IFRS 16 positions at several large multinationals. From these experiences Frank noted that a lot of companies did not possess the correct software or tooling to account for their IFRS 16 positions, or they have been using tooling that is too expensive for most organizations and is not giving them the proper level of flexibility. Also, at a lot of organizations lease accounting is still performed in Excel. However due to constant changes within their lease contract portfolio, such as indexations, reassessments and disposals, it is a time-consuming and error prone process to be performed in Excel.

Based on these experiences and insights Frank developed together with an experienced IT-automation partner the Zuyd Finance Lease Accounting Wizard. The goal of our application is to provide the company’s financial department with timely and correct information regarding their IFRS 16 positions. Whereby the changes within a lease contract portfolio can be easily managed and processed in order to diminish the administrative burden.

At the moment we have a small team of four professionals having expertise in IFRS, programming and coding, cloud hosting and data security.

We are continuously working to improve the functionalities of our lease accounting application based on feedback received from our customers. Within our latest release the COVID-19 rent concession can be easily processed within our application, whereby this is also being separately included in the related IFRS 16 disclosure report.

Our mission

Our mission is to save valuable time of your finance professionals with our lease accounting application by providing you timely and correct information regarding your IFRS 16 positions with just a single click.

Satisfied customers

Customer satisfaction is of great importance for us. We are flexible in meeting specific customers’ needs to maximize the added value of using our lease accounting application.

Save time and prevent stress for our customers

Our goal is to provide reliable information and diminish the administrative burden for our customers. Stressful situations during the year end or month end closing process in relation to your IFRS 16 reporting will be from the past.

Provide reporting flexibility

We offer great flexibility in terms of reporting to our customers and are able to generate the reports at the level required for their organization.